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IPC has a policy on marriage/weddings. There is no charge for the wedding ceremony if you are a member of the IPC congregation. The list below are the requirements for having at wedding at IPC. After each item, please note who, members, non-members or both, the item applies to.

  • 12 hours of pre-marital counseling (both)
  • Four 3 hours sessions $50.00 per Session(both)
  • Couples study the book Getting Ready for Marriage by Jerry Hardin. (both)
  • The workbook is purchased by the couple and the cost is $20.00. (both)
  • Practice, rehearsal and marriage ceremony $150.00.(non-members)
  • Follow-up calls and mailings by the minister performing the ceremony are done 6 months and again at the 1 year anniversary. (both)

Guidance sessions are paid separate from the wedding ceremony.

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